Concierge Richard

Richard is a networking and security expert with twenty years of experience. He has extensive knowledge of Windows, Mac, home networking, wireless, home automation implements and others. He keeps up with current and developing technologies. The harder the 'problem' the happier Richard is!


Computing. Computing. COMPUTING!

Sometimes we despise it. Sometimes we're intrigued. But we shouldn't be intimidated!

We are not new. We have been computing for some 30+ years. We've "been there, done that".

Our mantra?
We never have problems. We only have solutions.

Our Concierge and Associate staff are knowledgeable, and above all, patient.

We will solve your issue(s) and/or show you how to perform a multitude of functions.

Concierge Karen

Karen has been computing for some 22 years, including time as a Supervisor at Microsoft.

There isn't much Karen doesn't know about Windows / Microsoft products.

Concierge James

Don’t let James’ quiet demeanour deceive you! He’s probably (already) thinking about his next connection. James is our .help “go to” IT and tech guy. James has three passions in life. His wife and son, computers and the Toronto Maple Leafs. During any down time you might find James on a soccer field – or in front of a computer teaching his young son the next best thing.

Concierge Alex

Alex is a university graduate and has been using Apple products since he was two years old. Alex will be your personal tutor and the "Apple" of your eye! Be it Mac desktop, MacBooks, iPhones or iPads, or iPhotos or iMovies, Alex is our "i" guy!

Concierge Stanley CPS
Stanley is our Chief Problem Solver (CPS). With some 30 years of computing time, Stanley is our 'Go To / ​How To' guy. Stanley's mantra? K.I.S.S.Keep It Simple Silly ...

Concierge Debra POS
Debra is a lifelong learner. Self taught. Debra's strengths are her patience and organizational skills. Debra is our Photo Organizer Specialist. (POS). Be your photos kept in shoeboxes or already digital, Debra will organize your "Life of Memories".

The service you deserve

Concierge Aidan

Aidan grew up in the digital age, and was practically born with a mouse in his hand. His area of expertise is the Microsoft operating system. He is well versed in the full Microsoft office suite (Outlook, Word, Power Point, Excel). Aidan is also a troubleshooter at heart, including all Internet browsers. He is able to fix many issues with hardware, especially printers. 

Concierge José Antonio  

José Antonio has decades of experience in adult education, helping people learn and grow, and teaching new ideas and technologies to make daily life more rewarding, and quite simply - easier. Like many Spaniards, José Antonio is passionate and affable. He knows his way around Windows, browsers, software, printers, tablets and cameras. José Antonio is always eager to help.